Skaters First Covid-19 Protocol

Overview- Due to the new Covid rules skaters must be able to get up on their own, balance and skate without any assistance. We will be accepting Learn to Skate (LTS) 3 and 4 as well as CanSkate 2 and up. Skaters with no experience are unable to register at this time. Skaters must arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the session starts. A health check will be performed for all upon entering the facility. Dressing rooms will not be available to use, skaters must come ice ready (example skates on with guards, gloves and masks, helmet with cage etc.). Skaters and Parent/Guardians will not be permitted into the facility after the program has started. Punctuality is very important. We recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to the start time of the session to complete the contact tracing and health check. Once the session starts, washrooms will not be available for skaters to use. For younger children (10 years and younger) one parent/Guardian is permitted and may accompany the skater down to the north hallway where they will assist in removing face coverings (place in the skaters pocket) and skates guards (they will give the guards to the skater to take to their group). Once guards are removed all parents/guardians must exit the facility through the designated door. No re-entry is permitted into the facility. For skaters 11 years and up they will be responsible for removing their own face coverings and guards. Baskets will be supplied to skaters to put their guards in at their group. At the end of each session skaters will be brought by their coach back into the hallway to assist the younger skaters with their guards and then be escorted to the designated exit where parents/guardians will pick up their child.

As mandated by the Town of Aurora and Skate Canada/Skate Ontario

The Town of Aurora and Skate Canada/Skate Ontario expects Skaters First to meet the following criteria:

  1. Any person who enters or uses the facility maintains a physical distance of at least two meters from any other person who is using the facility;
  2. In support of the Region’s medical health officer’s instructions to businesses and organizations regarding Mandatory Use of Face Masks from July 17, 2020 to November 30, 2020, the Town requests that all persons wear face masks/coverings while entering indoor Community Centres, especially in situations where physical distancing is not possible;
    1. The following are exempted from wearing masks or face coverings: The Person is compromised by wearing a face covering because of a medical condition, The Person is a child under five (5) years of age, The Person is unable to place or remove a face covering without assistance or The Person requires accommodation under the Ontario Human Rights Code;
  3. Face masks and coverings may be removed temporarily for the following purposes:, The Person requires to remove the face mask or coverings for any emergency or medical purpose, The Person is actively engaging in an athletic or fitness activity;
  4. Skaters First participants will enter and exit the facility as directed by the Town;
  5. In an effort to promote physical distancing of all facility users in Community Centres, all Skaters First participants must arrive to the facility no earlier than 15 minutes prior to start of the permitted time, and must vacate the facility no later than 15 minutes after the end of the permitted time;
  6. Skaters First will not exceed the gathering size set out by the Provincial Order;
  7. Skaters First is only permitted to engage in activities as set out in the Provincial Order;
  8. Activities that are likely to result in individuals coming within two meters of each other are not practiced or played within the facility;
  9. All sport activities are conducted in accordance with the rules and policies of the applicable organization identified above, including the rules and policies put in place to enable a safe return to the sport;
  10. At this time spectators are prohibited, with the following exceptions:
    1. One Parents/guardian of a Skaters First participant is permitted for the purposes of assisting young children only (children 10 and under). If assisting with skate guards and mask removal upon entering the ice surface for example, parents must immediately leave the building through the designated exit. They may not stay to watch and they may not re-enter the building.
  11. Skaters First is required to clean and disinfect any equipment that is rented or provided to users of the facility, or any shared equipment, between each use;

Covid-19 Screening for Skaters First Participants and Parent/Guardians

  1. Skaters First is required to designate a Return to Sport Coordinator to liaise with the Town of Aurora, be responsible for all communication and education to members as it relates to COVID-19, and immediately notify the Town if a person in their club who participated in practice on Town property has tested positive for COVID-19; and
  2. Skaters First is required to complete daily COVID-19 screening requirements of all participants (i.e. skaters, coaching staff, parents guardians, e.t.c.) and take attendance for all activities in the event where contact tracing is required. These records must be retained by the Skaters First for a period of two years, and must be made available to the Town upon request.
  3. Contact tracing (attendance) and COVID-19 screening is required for all persons entering the facility, including parents, care-givers, and staff. Skaters First is responsible for all contact tracing and screening for anyone entering the building associated with their Skaters First.
  4. Where spectators are not permitted, but parents/guardians are required to assist young children (10 years or younger) taking off skate guards and removing masks, they will be allowed to do so once contact tracing and screening is completed, for the sole purpose of assisting with this. Parents must immediately leave the building through the exits identified by the facility.
  5. Parents/guardians will not be permitted to re-enter the building. Skaters First coaching staff will assist skaters off the ice and to the designated exit were parents will meet them for pick up.

On Ice Protocol

  1. There will be a maximum of 36 skaters, maximum 45 individuals including coaches and program assistants on the ice for the Learn to Skate/Canskate and Power & Edge programs.
  2. For our Learn to Skate/CanSkate programs there is a 5:1 ratio, for our Mad Dawg Power & Edge programs a 6:1 ratio.
  3. Upon entering the ice surface skaters will proceed directly to their assigned groups. Groups will have their own designated area on the ice surface where the majority of their lesson will take place. Skaters will stay within their group for the entire session. There will be use of the “Fast Track” with their group during the lesson time which skaters must maintain the social distancing rules while using it.
  4. Skaters and coaches will maintain the social distancing rules while on the ice and while the lessons are in progress.
  5. Teaching aids will be limited and skaters are not allowed to touch them. All teaching aids will be disinfected after each session.
  6. All coaches and program assistance are required to wear a face covering/mask during lesson times. Skaters are not required to wear the face covering or mask while on the ice.
  7. At the end of each class skaters will be lead by their coach off the ice and into the hallway.