Skaters First Covid-19 Protocol

Overview: As of September 22/2021 all spectators 12 years and older WILL NOT be permitted into the facility without proof of identification and proof of being fully vaccinated. Exempt are people with a medical condition and provide a doctor's or nurses note on legal letterhead that match the identification provided. Groups are now permitted to enter and exit through the main entrance. All participants and parents/guardians must have completed the Covid health check online before arriving for their program each day.

All skaters/parents and guardians must sign in with the Health Ambassador while entering the facility and provide a completed Skate Ontario COVID-19 Waiver for each skater on the first day of each new session. Maximum one spectator is permitted per skater into the facility provided they stay in the designated seating area. No standing/sitting in the lobby or standing around the outside of the boards. Dressing rooms are now open for regular use. All persons two (2) years and up must wear a mask while in the facility/dressing rooms.

Skaters are not required to wear a mask while performing a physical activity. All coaches will be required to wear a mask when standing and instructing but not while skating.


  • Any person entering the facility must provide proof of identification and proof of being fully vaccinated
    • Fully vaccinated means:
      1. the full series of a vaccine authorized by Health Canada (HC), including any combination of vaccines (with final dose received 14 days before); OR
      2. a vaccine not authorized by HC followed by one mRNA vaccine authorized by HC (with final dose received 14 days before); OR
      3. three doses of a vaccine not authorized by HC (with final dose received 14 days before)
  • Proof cannot be retained (i.e. you cannot collect the proof, the person just needs to show it)
  • Proof must be provided at point of entry into the premises
    • This will be the responsibility of the Permit Holder (ie; via your Safety Ambassador), and may be done outside of the main entrance or inside the main entrance, depending on where your Safety Ambassador(s) prefer to conduct their screening
    • COVID screening and contact tracing are still required, in addition to verification of proof of vaccination
  • This requirement applies to all Town of Aurora indoor recreation facilities, including:
    • Aurora Family Leisure Complex (AFLC)
    • Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex (SARC)
    • Aurora Community Centre (ACC)
    • Aurora Sports Dome (Dome)
      • Includes spectator area…ALL spectators over the age of 12 must be fully vaccinated
  • Exemptions:
    • Under 12 years of age
    • Under 18 years of age AND entering the Facility to actively participate in an organized sport (examples include sports leagues, organized pick-up sports, dance classes, martial arts, swimming classes)
      • if under 18 years is only spectating, then must be fully vaccinated
      • All spectators age 12 or older must be fully vaccinated
    • Medical exemptions
      • must provide a doctor or nurse's note that sets out medical reason for not being fully vaccinated and the time-period for the medical reason
      • according to the attached guidance, requirements of the medical exemption note include:
        • The name of the person in the written documentation must match the identification provided.
        • The physician's or registered nurse's note is complete and includes:
          • Name and contact information of the physician or registered nurse in the extended class;
          • Logo or letterhead identifying the physician or registered nurse in the extended class (ie: RN(EC), Nurse Practitioner or NP);
          • Statement that there is a medical reason for the individual's exemption from being fully vaccinated against COVID-19; and
          • Any effective time-period for the medical reason which includes the date the patron is seeking access to the business or organization.
    • Coaches and volunteers
      • Note: when a volunteer is finished their volunteer duties (ie: Safety Ambassador) and if they remain to watch, they then become a “spectator” and must be fully vaccinated
  • NOT exempted and therefore, must be fully vaccinated
    • Parents or guardians dropping off their kids and entering the facility
    • Spectators, even if under 18 years of age

As mandated by the Town of Aurora and Skate Canada/Skate Ontario

The Town of Aurora and Skate Canada/Skate Ontario expects Skaters First to meet the following criteria:

  1. All Groups may now enter/exit the building through the main entrance as the Town no longer has any indoor traffic flow requirement. Dressing rooms are open for regular use with no reduced capacity limits. Masks must be worn while in dressing rooms. A maximum of one parent/guardian will be allowed per participant, provided they remain in the designated seating area. The designated seating area for the SARC is in the stands inside the arena. No standing or sitting in the lobby and no standing at or around the boards are permitted.
  2. Any person who enters or uses the facility maintains a physical distance of at least two meters from any other person not in the same household who is using the facility.
  3. In support of the Region's medical health officer's instructions to business and organizations regarding Mandatory Use of Face Masks. The Town requests that all person's wear face masks/coverings while in the facility.
  4. The following are exempted from wearing masks or face coverings:
    • The person is compromised by wearing a face covering due to medical conditions.
    • Person is a child under two (2) years of age.
    • Person requires accommodation under the Ontario Humans Rights Code.
  5. Face masks/coverings may be removed temporarily for the following purposes:
    • Requires emergency or for medical purposes.
    • The Person is actively engaging in an athletic or fitness activity.
  6. In an effort to promote social distancing all participants must arrive to the facility no earlier than 15 min prior to the start of the permitted time and must vacate the facility no later than 15 mins after the end of the permitted time.

All permit holders are required to operate in accordance with these guidelines as there is ZERO TOLERANCE regarding noncompliance with these protocols and behavior.

Completion of Skate Ontario COVID-19 Waiver

All individuals participating in club/skating school must complete the Skate Ontario Acknowledgment Release, Indemnity and Assumption of Risk regarding COVID-19 (COVID-19 WAIVER). Failure to do so means that an individual must not participate in the club/skating school activities.